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Traditional Cultures, Iodine and Pregnancy

From Dr Weston Price. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 1939, 1945 pp 400-402 APPLICATION OF PRIMITIVE WISDOM. Dr Price, a dentist, is one of the founding fathers of modern nutrition.

In Africa I found many tribes gathering certain plants from swamps and marshes and streams, particularly the water hyacinth. These plants dried and burned for their ashes which were put into the foods of mothers and growing children. A species of water hyacinth is shown in Fig. 130 (click). The woman shown in Fig. 130, with an enormous goiter, had come down from a nine-thousand-foot level in the mountains above Lake Edward. Here all the drinking water was snow water which did not carry iodine. She had come down from the high area to the six- thousand-foot level to gather the water hyacinth and other plants to obtain the ashes from these and other iodine carrying plants to carry back to her children to prevent, as she explained, the formation of “big neck,” such as she had. The people living at the six-thousand-foot level also use the ashes of these plants.

Weston Price Africa Goitre

Among many of the tribes in Africa there were not only special nutritional programs for the women before pregnancy, but also during the gestation period, and again during the nursing period.

For the Indians of the far North this reinforcement was accomplished supplying special feedings of organs of animals. Among the Indians in the moose country near the Arctic circle a larger percentage of the children were born in June than in any other month. This was accomplished, I was told, by both parents eating liberally of the thyroid glands of the male moose as they came down from the high mountain areas for the mating season, at which time the large protuberances carrying the thyroids under the throat were greatly enlarged.

Among the Eskimos I found fish eggs were eaten by the childbearing women, and the milt of the male salmon by the fathers for the purpose reinforcing reproductive efficiency.

The coastal Indians in Peru ate the so-called angelote egg, an organ of the male fish of an ovoviviparous species. These organs were used by the fathers-to-be and the fish eggs by the mothers-to-be.

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Economic cost of IQ loss due to Iodine deficiency

The loss of one IQ point is associated with an overall reduction in lifetime earnings of 2.39%. Iodine deficiency is associated with an average loss of 13.5 IQ points, equating to a loss of 13.5 x 2.39 = 32.3% of lifetime earnings. i.e about 1/3 of lifetime earnings.

The estimate of economic loss due to loss of IQ comes from this paper:
Economic cost of IQ loss and other childhood illnesses- Landrigan et al click here

However, many commentators now believe the Western industrial economies have entered a new era of the “information economy” where this writer (with no economic training) would expect the loss of IQ to have an even more profound effect on lifetime earnings.

It is indisputable that the National IQ is the nation’s greatest single economic asset and must be protected at all costs.

iodine-for-web-62008iodine-for-web-62008iodine-for-web-62008iodine-for-web-62008O&G Magazine Iodine in Pregnancy

Sydney Sun Herald 5 December 2008

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Iodine Slide Show

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Thyroid disease management in pregnancy

Thyroid disease management in pregnancy. Not necessarily related to iodine deficiency.

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O&G Magazine Autumn 2005 Iodine in Pregnancy

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Scientific papers Iodine and Neuropsychological Development. B. Hetzel. 2000 An excellent review by one of the leading pioneers.

Medical Journal of Australia Iodine References all references
NINS Study
Bread iodisation alone has failed in Tasmania

O&G Magazine Autumn 2005 Iodine in Pregnancy

Thyroid disease management in pregnancy O&G Magazine

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The Iodine Emergency

The iodine situation in Australia has been likened to standing on a narrow path at the top of the cliff and edging perilously forward. We are on the verge of falling into the chasm of severe iodine deficiency disease. Within living memory Tasmania had severe iodine deficiency associated with massive goitres and cretinism. This situation must not be allowed to occur ever again.

At the Nutrition Society of Australia Annual scientific meeting in Brisbane in 2004, a speaker predicted that we will shortly see babies born with cretinism again in mainland Australia. The first cases of rickets (due to severe maternal vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy) were already appearing then and rickets is now so commonplace in certain hospitals that it is not even written up in medical journals (eg many hospitals in Sydney). Similarly there is nothing to stop the emergence of cretinism, indeed it is inevitable if this memorandum of understanding is not enacted.

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IQ and iodine

Iodine has the most profound effect of any single factor on IQ, a full 13.5 points of IQ is the average lost in iodine deficient populations. IQ can be even less if it is aggravated further by other factors, such as lead poisoning. Click here for more

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