Posted by: benbalzer | June 8, 2008

Economic cost of IQ loss due to Iodine deficiency

The loss of one IQ point is associated with an overall reduction in lifetime earnings of 2.39%. Iodine deficiency is associated with an average loss of 13.5 IQ points, equating to a loss of 13.5 x 2.39 = 32.3% of lifetime earnings. i.e about 1/3 of lifetime earnings.

The estimate of economic loss due to loss of IQ comes from this paper:
Economic cost of IQ loss and other childhood illnesses- Landrigan et al click here

However, many commentators now believe the Western industrial economies have entered a new era of the “information economy” where this writer (with no economic training) would expect the loss of IQ to have an even more profound effect on lifetime earnings.

It is indisputable that the National IQ is the nation’s greatest single economic asset and must be protected at all costs.


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